Garden Cottage Sheds

Unlike most sheds by Heritage Sheds & Gardens, Garden Cottage sheds feature 7” LP lap siding. The siding also comes in a variety of colors, so it’s easy for consumers to match this style of garden shed with their homes.

  • MiraTEC Corners and Fascia Boards
  • Garden Vents in Gables
  • LP Lap Siding with Brown Backer
  • Windows with Trim*
  • New England Double Doors**

Garden Shed Roofs and Specs

Heritage Sheds & Garages offers three popular rooflines for our Garden Cottage sheds–A-Frame, Quaker, and Dutch–so homeowners can pick which roof style that best suits their garden shed needs.

  • Pitches: A-Frame, Quaker, and Dutch
  • Wall Height: 76 ½”, 82”, 83”, or 88 ½”
  • Rafters: 2×4”, 16” on Center, Feat. Double Top Plate
  • Windows: (2) 18×36” or 24×36”*
  • Door Size: 4’ Wide, 5’ Wide, or 6’ Wide**
  • Eave Overhang: 4 ½”
  • Corners: 1×4 MiraTEC
  • Fascia Boards: 1×6 MiraTEC

Heritage Shed Benefits and Upgrades

In addition to the unmatched benefits below, Heritage Sheds & Garages offers upgrades that can further extend the longevity of our Garden Cottage sheds.


  • Multipurpose Structure
  • Termite Resistant
  • Moisture and Rot Resistant
  • Longer Lasting Shed Floor
  • Lifetime Warranty for IKO or GAF Roofing Shingles
  • 50-Year Limited Warranty on LP Siding (SmartSide and Lap) 
  • 50-Year Limited Warranty on MiraTEC Corners and Fascia Boards


  • Tar Paper Under Shingles
  • Wall Studs at 12″ on Center
  • Floor Joists at 12″ on Center
  • LP Flooring
  • TechShield Roofing
  • SmartSide Siding with Radiant Barrier
  • Alternate Gable Vents

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Download the complete catalog of Heritage Sheds & Garages products below for more specs and see how your customers can customize their sheds with various shingle, paint, stain, and vinyl color options, or call us to request pricing now.

*Buildings 10’ long or less feature one window with trim.
**Door size depends on compatibility with shed size. 8’ wide sheds have standard 4’ wide double doors; 10’ wide sheds have standard 5’ wide double doors; 12’ and 14’ wide sheds have standard 6’ wide double doors.

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